Princess & Saka - Comedic Chemistry

About Two weeks ago, I was on set with the crew to shoot the 12th installment of a promo commercial series for Etisalat. We had finished with the first part of the shoot and were taking a break while the crew packed before we headed for the next location. During that period I got gisting with the actors of the commercial; Princess and Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka). We discussed at random touching topics like Princess' scary and hilarious experience with arm robbers to Saka's personal experiences as an actor.

Saka & Princess in action

The sound man attaches a mic on Saka before the shoot.

It was rather interesting to learn from Saka, the reason why he got married late.
'Women never took me serious. They always felt I was joking!' he told me. I wasn't surprised. Mr. Oyetoro a.k.a Saka had this natural funny look that could make you laugh by just looking at him. But in the few moments I spent chatting with him, I was able to see his serious side. The man was an easy-going and humble gentleman at heart. It was a pleasure working with him.

The comedians yabbing each other on set

Saka rehearses his lines at the second location

Saka & Princess: a perfect comedic chemistry

Princess on the other was a gist machine. She had so much gist that livened everybody up on the set, making us laugh again and again. The climax was when both Saka and Princess were on set together; the two had the comedic chemistry that actually became another show to watch as they playful 'yabbed' each other while warming up for the shoot.

When we were casting for these series last year April, we were at loggerheads over who would match Saka's comedic antics. Initially Helen Paul was suggested but we kicked against using her because she had become known for 'small pikin' roles and that could backfire.

Then my creative director got an eureka an suggested Princess.

The rest is history and we are sure glad we made the perfect choice. The series have become a hit, some people have started refering to the episodes as 'season 1, 2' etc.

The shoot took the whole day. I managed to capture some of it on camera. I edited it and loaded it on Youtube. You can view it below.

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