A Visit from the Weird Ones [Photos]

I was at my desk late yesterday afternoon skimming through my twitter account and doing some online research when the door opens and in steps Goldie and Denrele. In case you don't know who they are, Goldie is an recording artiste known for her weird videos and a Big Brother Stargame Housemate while
Denrele is a VJ with Channel O and red carpet host renown for his wild eccentricity.

At first I thought it was a case of the proverbial mountain moving to mohammed because mohammed has refused to move to the mountain - this being the fact that I had been recieving text messages from Goldie's manager to meet with us for collabos and endorsements but I had 'accidentally' ignored the message. Don't blame me, there was no way I could have determined if it was fake or real.

Later I was to find out that it was a visit for the same purpose but aside from the text of which Goldie was not even aware of.

Goldie was somewhat slimmer than what I usually see on TV. In fact when she stepped in, I didn't know it was her until my CEO who had shown them to our office asked me 'Do you know who this is?' That's when it hit me - the matching hair and skin.

Denrele was a trip. I don't know how he does it - he just bonds with everyone he comes across as if they've known each other for a long time. Beneath all the weird exterior is this pleasant extroverted personality that knows how to liven every moment.And he sure had a lot of interesting gist to spill. 
Did you know that the hair on his head is actually his real hair? No weave, no attachment.

We talked a while; Goldie and Denrele sharing their own side of experience, what they could bring to fore and we on what the industry entails and expects. I know this year promises to be an exciting and buoyant year, I just can't place which celerity is going to be involved with us. Not too long ago 9ice was also in our office on a visit too. 

All I can say is let the celebs keep proposing, in due time we'll dipose.

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Debby 'Baro said...

This one that many 'stars' are coming to visit you; well, it's good becasue the visits are surely translating into cash!
I ve always known this was his real hair, but just imagine how he copes with it.

Myne Whitman said...

Wow, you work in an interesting job. I want a collabo too, will you ignore my text if I send it, LOL...

sykik said...

I want collabo too.

A-9ja-Great said...

Hmmm,interesting.I'd somehow always known Denrele would be what you described him to be,even though i haven't met him.

Afronuts said...

@Debby...lol...did you know Denrele personally? Amen oh, that it will translate to moeny!

@Myne...lol, you know I won't ignore your text Myne. I still see us doing collabos in the future.

@Sykik...lol...what are you offering?

@A 9ja Great...right guess dude. The guy is just himself.

Ginger said...

Your office sounds interesting o. no dull moment!

Denrele's dressing amuses me no be small. Glad to know he is pleasant.

Afronuts said...

@Ginger....We thank de Lord!

Dobby said...

This is so sad! I just heard Goldie is dead. May her soul rest in peace........Amen!