The 'Gbagauns' of Yoruba Nollywood 2

When I did the first post on The 'Gbagauns' of Yoruba Nollywood, I didn't realize that it might spring a part two (lol...I'm sounding like what Naija movies are fond of doing - hashing out a part two of every movie!). Well, you can't blame me. Despite the vast development that Nollywood is going through, there are still those ruddy elements that will continue to make us laugh accidentally at their inability to construct good English.

Why are illiterates or English-dysfunctional people given the task of subtitling these movies? It's a mystery we may or may never know. I suspect its due to the cutting of corners to reduce production cost.

As long as 'gbagauns' continue to happen and people continue to capture them on camera, they'll continue to show up on entries like this. I don't need to run commentary on most of these captured clips. They speak for themselves.

I guess the subtitle person couldn't figure out the right clean English to use,
so he went all out and used the forbidden 4-letter word in a weird tense. 

Doesn't sound like a gbagaun but the thought of what he's saying...

lol...It seems they now use Santa Clause dolls for Voodoo

I wonder what kind of exchange this is!

No 'gbagaun' in this clip but the exposed butt-crack of the man
is somewhat funny.


And before I forget.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!
2013 is gonna be a blast!

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Debby 'Baro said...

Happy new year to you! But hafronots, ham not like it when you does tins like dis to hus now.
* soaked in laughter*
Indeed, you deserve a creativity award, bcos 'many have eyes but cannot see these things, or may see and don't think it's worth mentioning.
You take me back to high school days when some teachers use to 'lago'. All fun!

Debby 'Baro said...

Pls Afronuts, lost in my laughing session, I forgot to put my request to you. I gladly have you on my blog roll and would appreciate if you add my blog on your list. Thanks!

ay said...

Can't stop laughing...

Happy new year!!

Che said...

ROTFLMAO. Oh no, this gbagaun's were not actually subtitles in some home movies were they? Some of them were ewwww. I can't even articulate very well sef. LMAO @ "view weeks later". The person that subtitled was just writing as his ears were picking the words. Naija na wa. But how will the movie producers cut cost sotey, dey will allow semi -literates to subtitle movies ehn.

I saw one gbagaun in a friend's bb: A babe put as ha pm: It's time for REDEEM UNPLUCK, let's go parry parry. For her mind, she be bigz gal wey dey go RHYTHM UNPLUGGED. I had such a good time laughing ehn and even forwarded the munched dp to some of my contacts. I needed to spread the laughter around jor. :-)

I just saw a post on and it's also on gbagauns. You could visit her blog and laugh some more.

I've had such a good laugh tonight. Thanks to both of you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always read your posts, but never commented. (No mind me jare).

P.S: Any gbagauns i might have made should be overlooked. No be my fault, I don see enough gbagauns today :-p

Che said...

Now going back to read the part 1 of this gbagaun series :-)

Okeoghene said...

Happy New Year. This one is serious Gbagauns and it is such a pity that most people are guilty of this, you only need to see facebook status and tweets

Ema Leecious said...

Completely hillarious! To think I did a similar post yesterday as well. These people won't kill us at all.
Please stop by at my blog ( sometime?

sykik said...

Happy new year. I wish you all the best this year has to offer.

Afronuts said...

@Debby! I also remember 'Lago' too way back in school. Wow...the many trhings we've called gbagaun...I'll add you straight away.

@Ay...same to you too dear!

@Che...LMAO!! Redeem Unpluck?? Are you serious? Haa! This is serious oh! I'll check out Ema licious blog. thanks.

@Okeoghene....I've seen plenty! maybe I should start collecting them too.

@Ema Leecious...Really? Off to your blog then.

@Sykik...same to you too! It shall be a year loaded with testimonies for you in Jesus name!

LMAO this is hilarious as always "view" weeks later? Truly I don't think it's completely a case of cutting costs and thus getting a semi-literate to subtitle these movies, the truth or rather fact is that many Nigerians are indeed unable to speak English and don't even realize it
So for all you care the subtitles were done by an assumed professional if u get my drift

This is a lingering hullabaloo .:D in Nigeria