Only in Naija 2 [Photos]

People say all kinds of things about our country Nigeria. But if you look at it, our diversity and way of doing things generates so much to laugh at and about. Lighter mood stuff happens everyday and we've come to 'own' these hilarious oddities such that when you're out there on another man's land, you can't help but refer to things like these as stuff that happens only in Naija. Check out these funny oddities I gathered from friends and the internet.  

Only in Naija can you find a 'Kike Sneakers'.
Of course we know where this rip off came from.

Only in Naija do you find children named after food processes.

Only in Naija does a wife cost a fortune.
Every groom's nightmare.

Only in Naija can Amala be the major food on a wedding menu

Only in Naija do shoes and slippers get used past their expiry date.

Only in Naija can you find nutcases substituting Agege bread for birthday cake

Only in Naija do gentlemen become animals when boarding  public transport

Only in Naija does beer have fans like a football club

Only in Naija is a boot a waste of space if its not carrying somebody.

In Naija, wedding rides are never limited.

Only in Naija do traditional Igbo wedding cakes
 wear red caps and pieces of kolanuts

Only in Naija will you find an extra cover inside a bottle of maltina

Only in Naija will fuel scarcity affect the price of a plate of Eba.

Only in Naija do we sell snacks that bare the same name with a sanitary pad. 

Only in Naija do find Pastors that do weird deliverances

Only in Naija do you find cows that are Chelsea fans

Only in Naija will women with big behinds always find their pantie size

Only in Naija is a sleepover for life  squatting in higher institution normal

Only in Naija do pit latrines get plastic chair makeovers

Only in Naija can breakfast be hawked on the streets.
e.g Bread and Ewa Agoyin

Only in Naija do people take the weighing of options seriously

Only in Naija will you find people who prefer spoons to straws

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Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahahaaaha.....up 9jas!
we are simply unique o jare!
never a dull moment.
But na wa shaaa.....a bowl of rice with different coloured straws was used as birthday cake for my cuz, she torn the pic when she went to for the panties...nah tokunbo nah...and the slippers?....e go work the money dem take buy am o!
Amala on wedding day?...I love it o jare! I don tire for rice...ahahaha....oh my! I simply love my pipo...9ja 4 life!

U don kill person
Thanks for this
I'm crying from laughter
God bless you

lol. this cracked me up

Avictomama said...

Very funny. You totally got my ribs cracking with this one! Nice one...

Debby 'Baro said...

Naija is great, that is why you find spectacular things and people here. Dahh!

Anonymous said...

bookmarked!!, I love your website!

Okeoghene said...

Hilarious. But I bet some of these pictures did not originate from Nigeria

Eya Ayambem said...

Hilarious! I laughed so much so that even if I do not laugh again today, I'm GOOD.

Only God knows where you source for these pics. LWKMD!

Hilarious! lol

..only in Naija indeed.


'Lara said...

This got me laughing so hard, this is so funny...I am sure some of these pictures are not from Naija...

Guinness with spoon, na peppersoup?
Ahhh!! the public transport one is sooo funny!! hahahaha. That slippers. Damn!

NikkiSho said...

LOL! only in naija for real..

Sykik said...

Which kain deliverance that Pastor dey perform so?

Ginger said...

Aww. I call it keeping it real jare. The Birthday bread, the Keke Limousine, expired slippers. God bless my people :)

Verona said...

This is cool!