The Abuse of The Next Generation

The Terrified Toddler being tattooed.

I was on Myne Whitman's blog today when I came across this piece she wrote yesterday about a video on youtube which shows a Mom holding down her reluctant toddler as he got tattooed by some tattoo artist.

The sight enraged me.

For goodness sake...a tattoo? Of what value is that going to add to the child's life? Is this brutal branding really necessary?

I was gonna write about something else for today's entry but I just had to vent on this.

Why are people doing crap like this to children? It goes on to show that there's a generation of downright stupid accidental parents out there busy failing at their responsibilities by robbing little kids of their innocence.

The other day I was generally surfing searching for info and came across this African American toddler with conrows, carrying a water rifle like he was getting ready to bust a cap in someone, swearing and spitting out F-words like he was born with it.

Riley from 'The Boodndocks'

The video was tagged 'Real Life Riley Freeman' (A character from the Boondocks cartoon series). This little guy has totally been denied of his childhood by some idiotic gangster  parent with no conscience...or rather just plain ignorant.

And while we wonder at these parenting fails, one of the greatest would be the sexualisation and exploitation of childhood innocence by that abomination of a show called 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. These little children may never know the simplicity of innocent childhood. All has been selfishly hijacked and selfishly manipulated by possessed adults and the glitz and glamour of an evil showbiz venture.

A mother is shown forcing her screaming and trembling 5-year-old
to get her eyebrows waxed  in  the 5th season of the show.
Looks a lot like the first picture above.

According to a wikipedia report, one mother on the show was criticized for padding her daughter's chest to resemble Dolly Parton's and another was criticized for asking her daughter to smoke fake cigarettes on stage!

Yep. That's a frigging 4 year old with a padded chest!

And she smokes a fake ciggy to add finesse.

A shameless mom dressed her daughter on the show
as Julia Roberts' prostitute character in 'Pretty woman'!

Kids just wanna be kids. They just wanna other kids!

I've always seen child beauty pageants as nothing but a peddling of children's sexuality for budding pedophiles and a desecration of the precious gifts of life God has placed in our hands.

Children have a stage in their lives. Its called childhood. Its the stage when they do all the things children love to do. Why must we microve their future and start getting them to do adult things? Are you parents that do that insane?

Look at the clothes some of our children wear today. I presume they were designed by people who hate the family unit and want to destroy children by all means. I was alarmed during Timi's christmas party at her school when the DJ started playing a mix of songs and I suddenly heard W4's 'La Tan' (Open your laps). I challenged the organizers and they changed it instantly. Some people will think and say its just music and that they (the kids) won't understand. I'm sorry but that would be the most retarded thing anybody that calls himself a good parent would say.I'm sorry but music is more than just 'tunes and vibes' to dance to.


If you don't understand what that is, research on it or check out my post on the strange power of music and know the extent of the damage that's taking place.

Timi after recently loosening her hair.

I have a lovely daughter, Timi, and its cute to see her run about playing kiddy games and being the three year old she was meant to be, not being forced to grow up. I know if she was excessively made up, she'd be stunning but I know she'd also look creepy because its not the right thing to be doing to a child of her age.

I just had to vent.

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Debby 'Baro said...

Children should actually be allowed to live their lives as children. I've never supported forcing children to 'grow up' or live 'adult lives' when they should still be children. Bad as this is, in our own clime, it's even getting worse being a child like I wrote in one of my posts.

Myne Whitman said...

OMG, that Toddlers and Tiaras case is a pet peeve for me too, I just can't understand it. Some parents of these days sha.

Thank you for venting. And your daughter is so cute :)

*Kingsley* said...

I believe, they think that making thier children do adult stuff may give them an edge. But thats RUBBISH! Let children be children! I would never trade my childhood days for anything! The mistakes and knowledge from way back then still contribute to the mature and straight thinking adult i have become.

Anonymous said...

I have heard so many disgusting news about that show called Toddlers and Tiaras...seeing this picture now, I now realise how bad it is.

A lot of accidental parents are all out there...sigh, what a world we live in

Afronuts said...

@Debby Baro ...I think I saw that post you wrote. Very true.

@Myne...Thanks Myne! Yeah...Toddlers and Tiaras...What an aberration!

@Kinglsey....That shows their level of ignorance.

@Lara A....You never actually saw the show? You'll be more irked if you got to see it.

sugarspring said...

This is a complete pervesion of childhood and its so sad and pathetic!!!!
What kind of generation is this?!!!

Afronuts said...

@Sugarspring...may God help us!

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