The Missing Bliss in Today's Marriages

It seems marriage has become a child's play nowadays. Today its becoming a normal thing for couples who believe they can't get along to call it quits. Many reports say they split amiably or over irreconcilable differences. These and a lot of other funny reasons are played up as the reason for heading to splitsville.

All I can say is that too many immature-minded people seem to be heading for the altar nowadays. Also, many people tend to build their marriages on the wrong foundation. This is one of the major reasons for many failing marriages.

One thing I've come to understand over time is that anything that will come out good will have to undergo the test of time. It is how you fare under these tests that will determine how solid the foundation of your marriage is and thus whether it will last or crumble.

The test can occur from many angles and through various factors. I won't list the factors because I know different factors can be peculiar to different marriages. But I can share a few of my own.
I know that my loyalty to my wife is always tested by one particular factor which is the temptations one faces at work.

Sure, work place temptation is one factor that is peculiar to everybody (with all the infidelity and scandals happening in offices) but in this case, the temptations at my work place are somewhat amplified because I handle tasks that require dealing with beautiful models...and God help me if I end up meeting a desperate one. 

Despite this, I have remained true to my marriage simply because of the foundation it is built on. Everyone has their own preferred type of foundation for their marriage. All that matters is if your foundation can hold strong enough for everlasting marital bliss. 

We should never forget that marriages always need re-invention to keep the bliss going. If your marriage ends up being a boring co-habitation with a partner, then it's the fault of both of you. You need to do things that will keep sparking up the flame that keeps the relationship vibrant. There may be days when you are down but you never stay down forever, you get up and do something about it. And that's because you are both responsible to yourselves.

I came across this beautiful and touching video online which is an adaptation of a popular story that has been circulating the internet for a very long time. The story borders on the danger of not being responsible to your marriage and to your spouse.

After watching this heart rendering video, I couldn't resist dropping the following words on twitter:

Apparently, Wifey saw the tweet and was blushing when I got home, she was heavily flattered. She cooked extraordinary good food for me that night.The things good and sincere words can do to a woman!

I won't go into details of things you can do to ignite your relationship; that's for you to figure out since every relationship is peculiar; what may work for Couple A may not work for Couple B. After seeing the above video you should be able to decide what you can do to ignite the love and fun in your marriage.

Trust me, this video is worth the watch.

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Sykik said...

Bros, why do I feel the night didn't end with just the extraordinary good food....*winks*........

We should always strive to make our homes worth fighting for, we should lay a foundation that is firm and can stand the test of time.

God will give us the grace to stay true to our wedding vows and close our eyes to temptation.

'Lara said...

I will definitely watch the video and put things in mind when I finally get married.

You surely are one responsible and good man...wishing you many more years of happiness in your marriage.

Myne Whitman said...

Quite a touching video, and I like the personal story in the post too :)