An Insane Fan's Scary Tweet

As long as there's the internet, weird things will never cease to happen. While some may get creative with up smart ideas that would revolutionize things others are getting wild with crazy or scandalous with amusing antics on the internet.

Twitter is one platform that has gathered huge following and recognition. It has had its share of successes stories from users as well as tragedies. Its become a hub for quick info on trends and scandals (some which are accidental others deliberately concocted).

Earlier this January, an online celebrity Freddie E, uploaded painful tweets before committing suicide. It spread like wildfire and showed how effective and powerful the medium was. So its not surprising that fans would utilize it to hit on celebrities.

A fan of rapper J.Cole, out of desperation to get re-tweeted by the celebrity uploaded a tweet with a photo of him pointing a gun at his younger sister threatening to shoot his sister if J.Cole does not re-tweet him.

The carzy fan tweeted;  “@JColeNC retweet me and I’ll buy Born Sinner. Don’t retweet me and I’ll kill my lil sister.”

'Born Sinner' (what a title!) referred to Cole's new album. The rapper did not hesistate to retweet the fan's message.

Whether the gun was real or not cannot be determined and there's no way to locate the creepy fan behind the message as its done under an alias.The account however claims to be out of Saudi Arabia — but the truth is it could be anywhere in the world.

No police investigation could commence as there was no way of reporting the incident which could not be determined whether its real or fake.

J. Cole commented about the incident, saying … “Wildest s**t I ever seen on twitter.”    

True. Because there's a bunch of wild and crazy people out there behind computers.

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