Huge Snake That Can Open Doors [Video]

This is one creepy feat.

It’s like a scene out of a horror flick.

A Python that can open doors?

This short clip was taken by the snake’s owner Jenner Miemietz in her apartment and was uploaded online and gone viral since 3 years ago.

The 16 foot Burmese albino Python named ‘Julius’ was trained by Miemietz to open doors, drain the bath, turn a closet handle and open the trash. 

It opens doors using its body weight. I wonder how she got it to do that.

Pythons have been known to eat deer, pigs, primates and alligators. Surprisingly, they can be house-trained. Miemietz did one good job with this one.

Julius the Python however has passed away since last year due to an infection.

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Dobby said...

it looks so beautiful! P.S whats up with this captcha thingy???

Afronuts said...

The captcha thingy is to prevent SPAM comments. That you got thru means you're human!

sykik said...

I don't want to be anywhere near this creepy thing. Only a weirdo will keep a python as thoughts oh....