Only In Naija 4 [Photos]

In Nigeria all odd things are very possible. Amusing stuff happens everyday; things that would probably be out of place elsewhere. Not to say the western world doesn't have its own share of oddities but if you've ever lived in Nigeria or grown up there, you's probably be familiar with things like these.

For any Nigerian who grew up in this country, I bet you'd be familiar with some of the things displayed in these series of 'only in Naija pictures.

Only in Naija is a ghana-must-go bag designed by Louis Vuitton

Only in Naija will see a smoked fish seller using ipad

Only in Naija does every tom, dick and hilarious oddity release an album

Only in Naija can Obama be given chieftaincy title on canvas

Only in Naija can Coca cola run out of Fanta bottles

Only in Naija can 007's Skyfall have an okoro version

Only in Naija can you find mass market of pirated Dr. Dre headphones

Only in Naija does this kind of diet make sense

Only in Naija do houses also do color blocking

Only in Naija does Kolanut makes sense on an Igbo wedding cake

Only in Naija can your shirt turn out to be the same material with table cloth

Only in Naija are students terrorized
with images like this in textbooks

Only in Naija is the absence of meat on top of a plate of rice considered an insult

Only in Naija can you find boutiques for okrika on wheels 

Only in Naija can you improvise wipers like this and get away with it.

Only in Naija can a kerosene stove compete with a candle

Only in Naija will you find a staple food that both the poor and rich can't resist.

Only in Naija can eggs replace the meat on a plate of rice.

Only in Naija does nothing ever go to waste

Only in Naija can Obama be drafted into the Nigerian army without his permission

Only in Naija is the charging of phones becoming an industry

Only in Naija schools will this combination make sense

Only in Naija is this culturally legal...if I make sense

Only in Naija? Not really!

Only in Naija will you find unique boy bands like this 

Only in Naija will you find youth corpers in full hijabs

Only in Naija will you find okrika 'nyansh' pads for women with low self esteem

Only in Naija can bananas play the role of cake

Only in Naija will some knucklehead use
a bottle of Gulder for holy communion

Only in Naija do our power supply company
have a renown 'pet' names

Only in Naija is being the president's friend a job!

Did I mention earlier that its only in Naija that
Coca Cola runs out of  Fanta bottles?
Yeah...this is another one!

Sagging....even in the mosque, only in Naija!

Only in Naija can the back of a pick-up truck double as a jacuzzi

Only in Naija can a dude borrow his sister's jeans.

Naah...this can't be Naija. Why did I put this here sef?

Only in Naija can a groom get his butt seriously kicked at his Bach eve
and still  make the wedding. We are die-hards!

Only in Naija can a sachet of pure water bear an intimidating name.

I'm not sure which one made me laugh the most.Which one cracked you up the most? 

3 Screamer(s):

Avictomama said...

Lwkmd... They are all hilarious... But do most these things really happen or do people just do them for comedy sake. Like the fish woman using ipad.

Shar said...

sigh.... I miss seeing all those things in Nigeria. They were all funny.

Blogger said...

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