When God avenges his own - The Kidnapping & Rescue of Praise Eleng.

Eleng with Praise and Glory years back

On April 2011, an easter Sunday, 2 year old Praise Eleng, daughter of Samuel and Favour Eleng, twin sister of Glory, went missing in Church from the Children’s Church department of Winners Chapel.
This marked the beginning of all sorts of troubles for the Church. It was a trying time for the Pastorate and Bishop David Oyedepo with all the police involvement, arraigning of teachers who were in charge and all kinds of news carried by the press. The Bishop had remarked to Mr. Eleng, “Be prayerful, the Lord will strengthen you and your child will be found.”

It was surely going to be a mighty test of faith and it wasn’t going to be easy for the Elengs.
Two years later, after going public numerous times and registering his pains over his missing child and the church putting all efforts out to look for her, the miraculous happened.

Praise, now four years old was found!

When I heard the testimony recounted live in service yesterday, I began to wonder if people would grasp the fact that God had proven the fact that he backs his word and fights for his children. The testimony of how Praise was found and brought back is unlike any other tale of someone being kidnapped and released later on by Kidnappers.

Apparently Praise had been kidnapped by a man who had sold her to a woman far in either Enugu or kano (I haven’t fully confirmed that yet due to conflicting reports).

Not long after he had kidnapped the girl, the kidnapper was struck with a strange illness which resulted in his legs becoming badly swollen. He also lost his sight and became blind. The car that he had purchased with proceeds from the kidnapping also got stolen. Then he was also constantly plagued with nightmares of Bishop Oyedepo pursuing him with a flaming sword.

Eventually he could take it no more. He was on the brink of death by the illness and constant nightmares and begged his wife to take him to Winners Chapel where he confessed his crime.
When asked where the child was he said he still had the contact and could help locate where she was. Thus Praise was found rescued and brought back home.

The kidnapper's confession was captured on a video recording. I'll upload it along with the Elengs testifying of the miracle in church once I'm able to get a copy of it. 

This is not the first time criminally minded people would venture into the church and commit such dastardly acts. Years back there had also been the case of robbers who attacked Winners Chapel members coming back from church and taken their cars. Within 24 hours, the cars were recovered and the robbers died one after the other.

This is a testimony to the fact that it is a dangerous thing to toy with God’s own people, especially the ones that a divine proclamation has gone out upon them. The stories of strange acts of divine rescues and deliverances are numerous.

But that will be another story.

For now, its just a moment to thank God for the miracle of rescuing little Praise Eleng.

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Ife said...

I regard this testimony as one of the most humbling testimonies in the history of Winners. I was in that service and I thank God for the safety of the child and that the church was finally vindicated. The power of old is still at work in these last days.

Rhapsody said...

Praise God......

the things people do for the love and lust of money....


ay said...

Praise God!!!

He works great wonders... The power of faith