Creativity on Her Head

 I was surfing Facebook when I came across this lovely hair plait on facebook user Sonya Clark. I definitely wouldn't mind that on my little girl's head. Is there any hairdresser that can achieve the intricate plaits on Sonya's head? 

I have seen hairdos and hairdos in the years I have lived with a mother, a sister, numerous cousins, female friends, my wife and daughter, I have gotten to see all kinds of hair weaves or plaits. The ones that most interest me are the ones that have to do with plaiting or braiding as they tend to look more African than weave extensions.

Anybody with a lovelier pattern of plait? Send me a pix abeg, I would love to feature it on here.

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Debby 'Baro said...

I can see you give attention to creative detailing. Nice hairdo and highly creative too!

Ginger said...

Crazy! I can smell a future mauling + litigation.

On a brighter note, that's one smart snake