Babies Born with Qurans - What do they mean?

Over time this phenomenon has repeated itself and manifested in different places across the nation. Many have questioned its possibility and truth; the fact that it’s something unusual and cannot be rationalized. It is a phenomenon that many Muslims hold in awe and see as a glorious miracle from Allah.

I’m talking about the phenomenon of babies being born with Qurans, either in their hands or along with it.

Such incidents have been hailed as miracles rather than birth anomalies. The Qurans in most cases have always been small ones enough to pass through the diameter of the mother’s vagina yet it’s not something one can swallow without suffering dire consequences.

While it is no doubt a strange thing, I have always been bugged with questions – What actually makes this a miracle? What does it signify? What does it prove?

I don't have the answer. Anyone that does should please enlighten me.

A Herbal Medicine practitioner, Chief Dr. Bola Adegunloye was reported by PM news as saying that nothing is impossible but too much importance should not be placed on it.

Importance should not be placed on it? Hmm...okay.

Still....I wonder why.


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