A Rotten Naija Cop & the Wonder of Phone Paparazzi [Photo + Video]

‘The Nigerian Police is your friend’ – that’s a well known mantra that has become the butt of jokes on the Police force because it’s nothing but a stark naked irony. The Nigerian Police has been flooded with elements that are giving the force a bad name.

Such is the case of the Police sergeant captured on video demanding N25,000 bribe from a motorist. He even went ahead and implicated other people in the matter by mentioning that he wasn't the only one involved as well calling out the name of one of his colleagues.

The video has heavily gone viral; blogs have carried the news, twitter has tweeted it, radio stations made it a topic of discuss this morning, blackberry phones are broadcasting it all over the airwaves. Surprisingly, the Police swung into action and responded immediately yesterday as the officer was arrested and is said to be awaiting room trial (Nigerian Police version of Court).

This is a clear warning that should make every corrupt official wary and careful of whatever they do on Lagos roads. The motorist was smart enough to record the incident.

Thank God for the kind of mobile phones we have today, people with diabolic intentions can’t get away with crime easily.  Almost every person on the street now carries a phone with camera attached to it; anytime there’s an event happening, you see people whip out their phones to capture stuff on their phones. This has made the internet richer with more videos and images.

I just have the feeling that this is just the beginning.

This video that implicated the cop will only ignite a sudden consciousness amongst Nigerians to be on standby to capture acts of corruption being perpetrated by law enforcement officials. LASTMA officials have had a dose of it, so has the police and army. Let see if corrupt Vehicle Inspection Officers, Federal Road Safety Corps members and other paramilitary officials can avoid being caught.

If you never saw the video, you can download it here.

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sykik said...

Thank God for technology, it's almost like extortion is in the blood of policemen....apologies about the generalization