The Alausa Explosion - Fears Arising [Photos]

I'm sure when people first heard this explosion last night as it rocked the environs of Alausa, in Lagos, they must have suddenly thought that Boko Haram had begun terrorist operations in Lagos. This would have been worsened by the recent news of the arrest of fleeing Boko Haram members in somewhere in Ibafo.

But thank goodness it was just three fuel tanker trailers that exploded last night in a trailer park behind GT Bank.

While details as to the explosion, its vividly reminiscent of a similar kind of explosion that happened earlier in January in which two tankers also exploded at a loading bay belonging to Petrol-Cargo Limited in Apapa.

The Apapa explosion that happened in January

My question would be - what on earth is causing parked trailers to explode?

Was it sabotage or some person's careless act?

I hope this is seriously looked into otherwise we all have every reason to be wary of any fuel tanker parked around our neighborhoods.

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