Boko Haram: Shekau Overthrown and...

While I have always despised the ideology and terrorist antics of the Islamic sect called Boko Haram, I have equally never believed everything about them. I believe there's so much conspiracy surrounding their existence, funding and operations. I have learnt over time that its not everything that you hear on news that is true and for us to keep hearing all kinds of stuff on Boko Haram reminds me of all the kinds of stuff that happened during the time of Osama Bin Laden.


There were questions that remained unanswered, videos and pictures that aroused suspicion on the authenticity of everything we've heard surrouding Bin Laden until his final death which was vaguely reported with no corpse to show.

If Al Qaeda's existence and operations raised so many questions, then it would only fuel more suspicion of the existence of Boko Haram which claims to be structured and reputed to have acquired training from Al Qaeda.

Anyway, aside from that, the emerging news we are hearing now is that Sheikh Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram's leader has been toppled.

Below is a news report excerpt from

Shekau was deputy leader under Boko Haram founder Imam Mohammed Yusuf who was captured in July 2009 in fighting in the northeast of Nigeria and executed by Nigeria's Police force in what appears to have been an extrajudicial killing. The interrogation and Yusuf's bullet-riddled body were filmed on video.

Yusuf's death radicalized the Boko Haram leaders and led them to move underground and identify more closely with Al Qaeda. Following the founder's killing, Shekau emerged as the new leader of a revitalised Boko Haram in 2010 and he and other commanders refocused the group towards global jihad.

Shekau launched a series of well-planned assassinations and suicide bombings that targeted Nigerian police headquarters and the UN offices in Abuja among many other locations. Through a series of video appearances on television stations, notably Al Jazeera, Shekau emerged as the face of Boko Haram. Earlier this year, the U.S. placed a $7-million bounty on his head.

However, Shekau has been noticeably absent from recent public statements and is not one of the leaders who have engaged with government emissaries. It had been presumed that Shekau chose to voluntarily leave peace discussions in the hands of Boko Haram's leadership group.

It has now come to light that Boko Haram's leadership group sent representatives to the capital Abuja on 25 June 2013 where they revealed to the government that Shekau was no longer their leader.

Imam Liman Ibrahim, the spiritual leader of Boko Haram, explained that the teaching of Shekau was becoming increasingly harsh and began to depart from the Holy Qu'ran. "It was harsh, harsh, harsh", Imam Liman said when explaining the reasons for the change of leadership. "The beheadings, the killings, the recent death of students ... this is not the way of the Holy Qu'ran. We could tolerate it no longer."

Imam Liman explained that Shekau was given a choice of joining the peace dialogue with the Nigerian Government, forming his own sect or being killed. Several senior Boko Haram commanders including Shekau's Chief of Security and personal bodyguard, Abdullahi Hassan, have claimed that Shekau has since been shot in the lower leg, thigh and shoulder.

Shekau's exact fate is not known. A video clip recovered from a Boko Haram camp in the Sambisa Forest Reserve in the northeast Nigeria, raided by the military on May 16, shows Shekau limping, providing confirmation of reports he had been shot.


So Shekau had sort of become obsessed with terrorism that he kicked against the sects ideals; he had become sort of power drunk which gave way for the staging of a coup in the camp.

The information is kind of believable yet it all plays out like a nice movie plot. In fact, once the Boko Haram palava has been eradicated, Nollywood should seize the opportunity to do some small research and make a movie about this guy and the sect.

In the meantime, I'll just sit back and keep watching for the loopholes and questionable issues that will raise suspicion; yeah...that's what I'll be doing - listening to the news, but questioning the info.

You can read the rest of the report on Shekau's toppling here.

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