Was That Snoop Dogg Doing a Gospel Track? - [ With Downloads]

I always got my ears out to catch a unique sound and its no surprise that you'll find them everywhere; music that still embraces art form and creativity that's not vile or abused.Its amazing how much of good stuff like that can still be found on the internet. I came across these two again and couldn't resist sharing. 

Track: The Kill
Artiste: MC Adoga ft. Beautiful Lite

One thing that caught my attention about MC Adoga is the fact that he sounded like Snoop Dogg!

I very well know that rapping is not an easy art form of music, especially when you need to say stuff that makes sense or passes a message.Not every rapper can successfully describe a complete event with the use of simple, consistent and interlocking metaphor. 
MC Adoga  who is a Scepters national award winner and one of the most respected emcees in Minna, adopts the gangster rap style snyonymous with Snoop Dogg. He ends up sounding like what Snoop Dogg would sound like if he was a born again christian. He uses metaphors of voilence to depict spiritual battle against the flesh and its motivator - the devil. Female rapper Beautiful Lite features on the track with a silky smooth delivery that adds a contrasting flow to the rythmn.

The track highlights Christians ignorance; most of us attend church but have no intention of becoming moving churches, flesh at work!

You can download “Moni O” from the link below.

Track: Moni O
Artiste: C-Stas

I did an entry sometime back in May about this female group called C-stas and their unique smooth gospel sound that beautifully fuses African elements with western ones. 

The Divas which consist of Adenaya Abiodun (BeeNaya), Olayinka Temitope (layray), Nancy Ukpeh(nanatsa) and Ajayi Abiodun(BeeDel) are back , with another delightful single titled “Moni O”, their second official single produced by Okey Sokay. According to them, “Moni O” is a song that simply explains to us that regardless of the trials we face,the crisis happening all around the world.

These ladies are definitely gifted and sound very good together. I pray they stay long as a group and not break up like the popular male music group - Infinity.

You can download “Moni O” from the link below.

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