Decapitated Snake Bites Its Own Butt - (Video) [Viewer's Discretion Advised]

What do you do when you discover a snake hanging about your yard?
You kill it.
How do you kill it?
You decapitate it.
And then what? You stay the heck away from the decapitated head!
This gruesome video will show you why.
The snake in the video is a venomous copperhead viper that was killed by a man in Alabama after he found the reptile in his back garden.
But then as he filmed it in the throes of death, the decapitated head sank its fangs into its tail as it trashed about.
Sam Billiter said he used a machete to decapitate the snake as he did not want it to bite his son or pet dog.
In the video, which he originally posted on Facebook, he can be heard to say: ‘It just bit itself… wow. The snake’s head just bit its body. This is crazy.’
Copperhead vipers can grow up to 1m long and although venomous they are very rarely fatal to humans.
Snake heads have been known to bite almost an hour after being separated from their bodies.
Did you get that? 
Don't even mess a snake's head after cutting it off. It could still seek revenge on you for cutting it off.

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