Another Scapegoat: A Rotten Female Cop [Video]

No doubt about it, the news about a rotten cop demanding N25,000 bribe from a motorist that went viral and hit the headlines, has given Nigerians in diaspora a good idea of a good use for their camera phones and the social media.

The recently circulating news of a female cop demanding N100 bribe from a bus driver has equally proven this. Apparently, the act of phone paparazzi on corrupt officials is trending. I remember mentioning in the earlier post on the corrupt male cop that the video will ignite a sudden consciousness on the need to capture those corrupt elements in all paramilitary forces.

The Policewoman in the video sat in the bus like a principality demanding 'her money' be paid. And she got the money - such determination! Do we now say that what a rotten male cop can do, a female cop can do better?

LOL...I guess that's out of the question.

The Police claim to be looking into the matter to identify the Policewoman. Hmmm...I hope they are not putting us on 'is coming'. I can imagine the fear many corrupt elements may be having now.

For now all uniformed officials had better watch their backs; civilians are going gadget smart to capture their scrupulous antics; especially at this period when VIOs, LASTMA, and a host of others are out there in full force doing what they know to do best or worst.

The 'amebo' fun has just begun!..

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