A.Y. Joins Timi in School [Photos]

School's back in and the kids have all picked up their back-packs to storm the classrooms.
This Term, A.Y. resumes in Timi's School after concluding his days at the creche.

First we took the little fella for a haircut. He has this stubborn hair 
which likes to stiffen up in curls even after combing or brushing through.
A.Y. has the hair type that would result into dreadlocks if uncombed for days.

And on the day he sports his new uniform, 
he takes photos with Timi to mark a new begining.

These kids can pose! I didn't even tell them what to do. 
All I just said was 'say cheese!'

Maybe I should include them in my models' list 
when arranging a childrens' shoot sometime. 
They're so natural in front of the camera...lol.

3 Screamer(s):

LOL see him actually sitting still for the haircut. My boys esp. no 1 cause so much drama and trauma to everyone in the salon including me that i have resorted to scraping the hair myself. No design just plain ol' gorimapa. Mi o le wa ku....

P.S- my boys are fine very handsome to say the least can i send you the pictures for this model something? (i'm serious abeg)

Okeoghene said...

They are so cute. I hope A.Y is enjoying school.

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