Getting flogged 24 Strokes for illegal 'Straffing' [Photo]

Somewhere within the Low cost Housing, Abaganaram ward, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria, a man simply identified as Mallam Sanusi was given 24 strokes of cane for allegedly sleeping with an unmarried lady. The young man was accused of fornication which the community said was against its practices.

There seems to be no report of any punishment being meted to the woman involved. Did she get away with it? In some other vicious communities, women get stoned or killed. If this community only deals with the men, then women are darn lucky.

The thought of it actually got me wondering...what if there was a law that required fornicating offenders to get flogged when caught in the act?

Then we'd probably see a lot of public beatings.

Some 'jealous' individuals might even turn it into a lynching episode and we'd have series of Aluu-like cases in our hands. Even the international community would descend heavily on the matter.

Professional fornicators would operate underground. All those meeting of boyfriends and girlfriends at street corners at night would have to be taken to more darker and hidden abodes because there would probably be night patrols seeking to catch secret fornicators.

Blackmail activities would trend as photos and videos of fornicating activities would become hot cake for hustling huge sums of money.

Suicide rate would skyrocket as many would find it hard to face the shame. At the same time many would proudly bear the scars of fornication, parading them as trophies of the conquests of their adventure.

It would probably even degenerate into something naughty ladies would admire in a guy; a case of 'show me your scars and I'll know what you're capable of - as though it were a resume outline.

People would start illegal businesses of offering their apartments at a fee for illegal fornicating activity while there's a lookout for security.

Professional 'floggers' who do the flogging would make money from a lot of bribes being offered to lessen intensity of flogging. Other officials involved would also get bribed often with cash. Those who preferred being bribed in 'kind' would sometimes end up being blackmailed for the same offence.

Aristos, sugar mummies and daddies, pimps and prostitutes would probably operate in abject secrecy. Parties and clubs would also make secret arrangements.

Politicians stand to suffer more scandals and blackmails.

Corrupted Pastors who 'accidentally' get involved in fornication will bear scars of shame and lose a lot of their congregation.

All manner of trials and hearings would flood courtrooms; lawyers would smile to the bank making money off randy individuals who can't do without illegal gallivanting with the opposite sex.

Some women would turn sex into a vicious weapon of destruction (if they don't face any serious punishment, that is), many men would be at their mercy.

The list of possibilities seems to never end. It looks like such law, rather than sort out the matter, would end up in chaos.

Or what other possibilities do you think?

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Myne Whitman said...

LOL this got me laughing, but it makes a lot of sense. I don't think sex between consenting adlts should be a legal matter, unless there is abuse.