What if Nollywood Shot a Flick like this...

Pacific Rim is a Sci-fi flick that's has joined the throng of movies featuring battles between hi-tech giant robots and mysterious monsters attacking mankind. One thing you can bet on big budget Hollywood flicks like this is the fact that as you see it on the poster is as you see it in the movie...unlike Nollywood flicks which love to lie on the posters and show you something else in the movie. 

What would a Naija version of this movie look like? Well, some creative dude has given us a feel of that.


The title makes sense. Sounds like what a Nigerian government is capable of doing - wasting money on unnecessary ventures.

I'm sure if local film producers attempted shooting this, we'd end up with cheesy special effects that reminds one of that horrible sci-fi flick Ghanaians did some time back on YouTube. But seriously...who go attempt to shoot a movie like this when producers are looking for quick productions that will bring quick money? 

Until some daring big gun with loads of cash decides to sponsor the shoot of a high-tech flick with mind blowing special efx, we just shouldn't go there. 

And don't think its something we can't do here in Nigeria. We have geeks that are very capable of VFX that could stand well for interesting entertainment. Imagine if a producer was ready to shoot something like 'Elegushi Rim' and had somebody like Ficson productions to do all the Sci-fi efizzi. Just check out this short flick Ficson did...also on giant robots!

Yes...this is a Naija Sci-fi flick with cool VFX.

Download link - http://ficson.com/video.php

The video was actaully done on zero budget! Imagine what could happen if there was a good budget put down for this.It just takes a daring producer to start the trend. After all wasn't it some dudes that started the trends on movies that exploited relationships and extreme love themes?

I believe nothing is impossible to achieve in Nollywood now, with the awareness of new tech and stuff. Let's wait and see who blows the first horn on this. The movie Kajola, a commendable attempt didn't seem to do well in that department. Maybe soon a better option will spring up.

Let's Keep our fingers crossed for Nollywood!

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