Maheeda's Responses to Reprimanding Tweets: A Case of Guilty Conscience?

Sister Maheeda of the Lord?

By now its not news that Caroline Sam popularly known as 'Maheeda' has gotten weary of being born again and gone back to her old ways.

The evidence is rife all over the net - her sexy bikini pictures can be found across different social media. Recently, she upped the ante by uploading a personal shower-hour video where she stunned all with her naked display. Its like things are getting hot and moving to some dangerous max; what next will she attempt? A total nude shot? She looks capable of doing it, no doubt.

Still shots from her 15 second shower-hour video
So what happened? Why did she give up on being born again?

I remember way back last year when in an interview with PM News she had said, "I want use this medium to inform all my fans out there and those who love  me that I am now a changed person and no longer the old person I used to be. God has finally taken over my life and I will continue to sing his praise".
Then she had announced plans to switch to gospel genre full time. She even released two gospel tracks at the time.

Her case reminds me of Uche Ugbodo the Nollywood Actress who also claimed to be 'born again' but seemed to have gotten tired of it and gone back to the 'old life'. 

The sad thing about backsliding or going back to one's old ways is that you end up worse than you were before. In Maheeda's case, it is damn obvious. From her tweets, she's made it clear where she stands.

A stronger pointer to the fact is her response to tweets from people who questioned her sudden change and backsliding. Such tweets enraged her and she resorted to insulting the senders. A particular tweet sent by @OriginalAyo seemed to have enraged her so much that she tweeted three different replies. 

Was she reacting out of guilty conscience? Everything seems to be pointed at that. Even a supposed Muslim questioned her belief after sending the bathroom pictures and was simply called 'A fool'.

She tweeted about wanting and desiring to sleep with male celebrities like Flavour, Ice Prince, Banky W, Davido and wizkid (even those younger than her are not spared!). Then she said she would'nt mind having babies for Psquare, Tuface (as if he doesn't have enough already), Don Jazzy and Clarence Peters.

In an interview she gave way back as a 'born again Christian' she was quoted to have said; "Even after getting married I still have this urge of going out to meet a man. But I felt it should not be so. I’m trying to let people know there is a spirit behind prostitution  if not, why after getting married, I have everything, I live in Lekki, I’m driving a very big car and my husband gives me whatever I want, so why would I still feel like going into prostitution  There is a spirit behind it. I continued prostítútión even after getting married. The only thing that changed me was being born again and being delivered.”

Is the spirit of prostitution back? With all her wanting to 'X' every male celeb and fellow, I think it is...and its worse than before.

While surfing online about her, I came across blogs that carried the news and pictures of her shower-hour and was dsimayed to discover that they kept referring to her as 'Gospel Singer'. I don't think one can call her a gospel singer when she has only two gospel tracks to her credit...and also due to the fact that she recently released a track titled 'Superman' (which ain't gospel) from an uncoming project that's carries tracks with explicit lyrics.

Well...what can we say, like she insinuates in one of her tweets, she deliberately chose to go this way. And she lets us know that she hasn't even started.

What does that point to? I hope its not that she'll soon start featuring in porn; we already have the Cossys and Afrocandys to contend with.

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