Only in Nollywood [Photos]

Anything is possible in the absurd world of Nollywood. Since local movie makers are desperate to clinch the big bucks then its possible to just do movies anyhow. I guess I already stressed that in the post on the sexploitation of women. The sex issue apart, when you're looking for the absolute on-screen weirdness, check it out in Nollywood. 

Here's a compilation of hilarious stuff that only Nollywood can do

Okay...I have not really watched these movies but I seriously hope these actors where not casted as school children oh!

Saka...before the days of porting for MTN in secondary school...
I hope this was some slapstick comedy

Patience Ozokwo aka Mama G in school uniform....LOL! as what?
Somebody tell me what happened in this movie!

Don't even get me started on these pot-bellied agbayas in class.

This one is reported to be an on-going comedy production as at time this was posted.
It features Funke Akindele & Nkem Owoh.

Only in Nollywood do gun threats look as plastic as the guns themselves.

Yeah...special effects that grinds your gears like local pepper grinder

Did I mention about the guns earlier?
Yep...this one looks like a chewing stick with its split barrel

Only in Nollywood would a torn split under your
trousers or pants make the final cut.

Oh...they already captioned this one for me!

But its true now...okay check out the next photo....

See? I told you!

Nollywood is definitely good market for halloween costumes

Spot the error in this shot. Did you see it?
Mismatched earrings...only in Nollywood...abi na trend?

This is supposed to be a pastor fighting with a demon
that looks like a Naija Barney that dipped his suit in charcoal

This ghost again...all that face pancake is just gross

Know what's wrong with this picture? The ladies in this Nolly flick
are watching a Nolly flick and one of them appears to be in it!

Subtitles have suffered. While I have run a series capturing the 'Gbagauns' (Hilarious Gramatical blunders) in Yoruba Nollywood, there are other aspects of subtitling that make you wonder if the subtitler was drunk at work. Anyway, some are just so funny that you wonder if its deliberate or a silly error.

Chai! See insult!

I know the subtitler didn't mean to actually say it like this...

This subtitle is proof of a lazy production....that apart from the 'gbagaun'.

Yoruba Nolly in grammar action

Subtitled as razzly pronounced.

Yoruba Nolly again!

How on earth is this kind of error possible?

Na by force to blow grammar? See accident!

No grammar issue here...but it seems the communication was wrong

Amazing how 'gbagauns' make actors look like morons...this is not fair.

Enough for today.
Later peeps!

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Okeoghene said...

Hilarious. I loved the chewing stick looking pistol

LOL LMAO cant stop laughing!!! this is too "badt"

Afronuts said...

@Okeoghene...Hahaha! How on earth you take like that?

@Fluffycutething...yes oh!