The 'Witchcraft' of Technology

It would have been hard to believe this TV spot back in the year 2010. Many of the advancements shown in it look like serious far-fetched science fiction. Apparently all this is meant to make life simpler and more compacted but at the same time it kind of also looks complex.

But hey...that's probably because of the fact that its meant for the future. By the time they all surface, it would all be simple.

Check out all the technology we have today with all the ipads, androids, insane smart phones et al - these things were not that common far back then. It shows that technology is rapidly evolving.

And its becoming tough catching up. There's so much coming up.

Watching the video again, I can't help but just sigh...this is definitely witchcraft on a tech

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CherryWine said...

As my uncle would say " Oyinbo ti a ka" meaning the white man will soon confess to is only a matter of time. Lol. I used to fancy myself as a techie, but as I've grown older, I have discovered that I am daily becoming more and more clueless. I no fit shout jare.