Face of a Rogue Nanny

A friend put this up on facebook after falling victim to the thieving act of the above pictured woman.
According to the information given by my friend, the woman was her nanny up until 25th of September. She stole a nu,ber of valuable items from their home and disappeared leaving the house all open. Her name was Kemi as at then and is from Cotonou.

Though I ask the following questions:

  1. Was that the only name she offered? Just Kemi? No surename?
  2. Was there no background check done on her before employment?
  3. Where there no contact persons to be held responsible in case of any issue? No guarantors? 

This serves as a lesson for us to be wary of whom we employ as Nanny or Househelp.With the high rate of kidnapping in the country now, it is the more reason to be wary. Thank goodness this woman did not carry her kids along for a ransome.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly people do not o back ground checks in Nigeria, they just employ househelp any how. Your friend is lucky her kids were not kidnapped or something worse.