The Smartphone Influence [Illustrated]

Smart phones...those technical little bastards that have totally taken over our lives on the entire planet. Years back when a mobile phone was a device you carried about in a suitcase, nobody would have thought that in years to come this constantly evolving gadget would soon take over the world. And with the help of social media networks that have bridged the world into one network, everybody has access to any part of the world. But we still can't deny the fact that there's a fast growing addiction to smartphones. 

I had a colleague who did a modelling gig and got paid about 100 grand and the next thing she did was use it to buy a smartphone that cost 98 grand! That sounded so familiar - like a crack addict blowing all his money on his addiction. I'm not saying smartphones are not a good thing; they have their pros and cons. Unfortunately, too many people are stuck on the cons and have become smartphone zombies. 

Here are some hilarious facts and representations of life with smartphones from C-Section Comics and Pablo Stanley on MemeCentre.    

An addict just can't resist the allure of a stupid meme
trending via smartphones

Many relationships may have been complicated by smartphones

Majority of smartphone owners are guilty of this!

Lesson: Never check other people's smartphones
if you don't want to see what you do not want to see.

Smartphone addicts watch less TV and do more phone browsing

Now you see why Cinemas campaign for phones to be switched off during shows?

Some even deliberately decide to take a crap for the sake of
browsing their smartphones

Because goons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have taken over...

All on a phone oh! What a way to keep us constantly distracted!

 And this strip is not lying in portraying the possible life of a smartphone addict!

I think books need to come to the rescue...oh, now I'm veering into another subject. That's for another topic, another post. May Smartphones not turn us into complete technical zombies!

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