Naija On Scotland's Currency [Photos]

The footprints of Nigeria's history will forever remain in textbooks, documentaries and stories passed down by our fathers. And then while some may appear in museums in the western world (as a result of stolen artifacts when the British invaded wealthy empires like the Benin Kingdom), others have remained as a pleasant memory on the faces of currency notes.

At this point I'm not referring to Nigerian currency but Scotland currency. A friend on facebook posted this heartwarming revelation he found on Scotland's £10 note. Many of us may not be aware of this. Here's what he wrote:

Last Year, I was in Scotland and whilst alighting from a Cab, the driver asked, are you from Nigeria to which I responded with a BOLD YES, he then GAVE ME A £10 Scotland Pound and said your towns are in there. In Scotland, currency denominations have different designs and one of the design they dedicated a Town In Nigeria called Calabar where Mary Slessor stopped the Killing of Twins.

Not only did this £10 note feature a picture of Mary Slessor with Nigerian children she helped rescue but also names of Calabar towns probably at that period.

How many of you ever actually noticed this on the £10 note?

Its nice to see that we are part of another nation's history.

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