Randoms: Beefing Stella, Underwear on Cake, Maheeda Tinz and Cursing Church [With Photos]

Its been eons ago I last did any random post. So I got inspired today to do one. Bits and pieces of info, observations that would make some sense are what this post is about.

Delegate of Corruption
Okay...so I start with this funny captioned photo which Kayode Ogundamisi posted online. A hilarious spoof and good photo for thought on the cartel of corrupted government forming Holiness in the Holy land

And then we hear the news that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, prayed for the country at the gathering of the President and delegates near River Jordan on the Pilgrmage trip to Israel. And when he made mention of Stella Oduah in the prayers nobody could say 'amen'. 

Seriously? It just reminded me of 'he who is sinless should cast the first stone'. I am sure many in that entourage are guilty of equally serious crimes. Stella was an unlucky scapegoat yet her colleagues and possible partners in crime throway face? It is well oh...


Cake of Vanity
And right here is a shot of actress Osas Ighodaro's birthday cake. They call her an actress but I've never heard of her. Maybe I've seen her but actually never knew. Now this cake is weird and says nothing good about the celebrant as far as me is concerned.

I mean check it out - the icing carries a pair of thongs and bra, a purse and a shoe? What the hell does that mean? All I see on the cake is sex, money and fashion. And the idea of munching on an iced pair of undies would worsen any warped attempt to like the cake. But as usual, some would see nothing wrong about it...duh 


Clueless Maheeda
Na wah oh. Is it that the only thing this woman is good for is doing the nasty before the camera? I predict that very soon her scandalous candle will burn out. People will soon get tired of seeing her half-naked and naked photos. She has made her point that she has 'fashied' salvation and embraced raunchy life of dining with the devil. So why keep rubbing it in our face? And how come she get fans when she no dey sing again? 

Unless her fans consist of guys that sit before her picture with Vaseline or any other 'fapping' lotion...
Just check out the picture links above that showed up on someone's blog - except for one, all the other thumbnails on Maheeda are about her showing off her ass to the online public.


Who Said This Church Was Nigerian?
And this is to show how some churches are 'falling our hands'.In the bid to get creative, this particular ministry goes on to theme an event with a swear word! How did that happen? Who approved it? I cannot be sure if it really is a Nigerian church because the banner says its located in Accra, Ghana while one of the Pastors is a Nigerian. Blogs have circulated this info wrongly calling it a Nigerian Church.

 It is NOT a NIGERIAN CHURCH. I don't understand how some blogs or sites just misinform anyhow. Even the American urban entertainment site Mediatakeout.com which featured it online just says 'Africa', not Nigerian.

Still...this is so ridiculous and spiritually suspicious...


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