Photo of The Day: Chilling WIth Jesus

All over the internet, mostly on social networks, you might come across photoshopped pictures of Jesus; some good, some bad. I always despise the Photoshop jobs of the King of Kings that are meant to be funny because I strongly believe Jesus is not just anyone to be made fun of anyhow.

Then there are some photos which are meant to be inspirational or just in good spirit but are badly photoshopped and end up looking funny. Now those were accidentally funny. But then I came across this photo being circulated on twitter titled 'Chilling with Jesus' and it moved me.

This well photoshopped photo carries depth and an inspiring message. Any artistic mind that believes in Jesus would understand and interpret the picture more profoundly.

The photo travelled well through twitter amongst Naija users and I was alarmed that some were laughing at it. Seriously, what is funny about this pix? I had to register my thought on those responses.

Rather, the picture inspires me. It makes me imagine what it would be like if Jesus was around in person. I often imagine or percieve the Holy Spirits presence this way too. I hope whoever created it appreciates his work. 

This is definitely something that should brighten one's day.

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