When ASUU Condition Bends Crayfish [Photos]

Education in Naija has suffered. I am a living testimony to the crunching effect of prolonged ASUU strike. (Please if you don't know what ASUU is, google it abeg!). I remember the ASUU Strike of 1993/94 which resulted in students spending additional one year in the University because the strike lasted almost a year. I even got a part time job waiting for strike to end. But not so many others were lucky waiting for strike to end. And as usual, the prolonging of the strike was the beginning of new things, good, bad and weird.

And so, what has the ASUU strike caused so far? 

It has caused Nollywood to cash on the moment and churn out another wack-buster that probably has overgrown adults playing students.

And this is a very possible title for a yoruba flick on ASUU
that wull star all the usual stereotyped actors 

It has probably left pregnant legacies

It has paved way for funny-themed deliverance crusades.

Chicks that form in school can be found helping Mama to sell her tomatoes 

Its paving way for anniversaries to come.
And Yoruba people in their usual craze of having a greeting
for everything will formulate one for the strike period.

Have a nice week.

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Debby 'Baro said...

If I knew another language to speak for them to understand the pain that parents are going through, I would have used it long ago. The strike is one too many. It has been a most disturbing experience for parents, including me!

Afronuts said...

@Debby...It is well. We shall overcome.