A Writer's Funny Mail To Me...

I guess one of the 'benefits'of consistent blogging is that some people tend to think you'll be in the position to hire them. Well...if you're a Linda Ikeji, that's very possible, especially when you have a very heavy traffic and you're making quite a good deal of money.

Someone probably thinks I'm as buoyant in blogging as a Linda Ikeji 'cause I got this funny mail from a reader I just felt I had to share. The mail was creatively written and I must confess, I almost wish i could hire him.

Read on...

Hello Sir, my name is *******. I am a professional writer.
I boast such delicious writing skills as I could even write a nun into
falling in love.
With a very fertile brains far from "intellectual menopause", I have given
birth to several books and poems- though they are yet to be published as
I don't have Dangote for a relative (no sponsorship). Yet I boast such hypnotic
writing skills as I could write a DEAF man into buying a RADIO. I am seeking a paid
writing position in your firm ( or if you could please link me with
one); the chances of me not satisfying your clients are as slim as the chances
of OBJ wearing suit.
Sir, I humbly wish you hire me as I boast such mental
sophistication daring enough to win for your firm a Forbes
recognition!  Hire me sir and get hired into a more glittering world
of more fulfillment as I am ready to plant all my nutritious brains
filling your financial barns to the brims. Below are some of my
works.Hoping to hear from you soon Sir.

I laughed after reading this mail. The guy really feels he's very good....I like his confidence. Unfortunately, I'm not hiring for now...heck I wouldn't mind being hired to write myself!

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1 + The One said...

This is hilarious.. Even though I can't afford him right now, I feel like hiring him to keep me entertained! Hahaha!

Afronuts said...

@1+The One....Abi we should join money together to hire him? lol