Funny Video: Samuel L. Jackson yabs reporter for mistaking him for Lawrence Fisburne

This was one hilarious video which took place during a brief interview with Samuel L. Jackson on the recently release re-boot of the 1987 sci-fi action thriller Robocop.

Jackson & Fishburne...dem resemble? Dat oyinbo reporter sef...
The reporter goofed by showing how little he knew about African American actors when he mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne. Jackson responded in such an intelligent way that got me thinking that some white folks seriously think all blacks look alike...

The embarrassed reporter made a statement at the end of the video that was unmistakably prophetic when he said:
'That is a tape I believe is going to have a life all on its own'

And one of his colleagues says:
'We'll see it on youtube!'

Yep...the tape did develop a life of its own as it has now flooded youtube...and my blog, lol!

Lesson of the story: Don't ever talk about what you're not sure of!

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T.Notes said...

Loool! I like the lesson of the day. i.e, when in doubt, keep your mouth shut! :)

Afronuts said...

@T.Notes....Now that's another good way to put it! Thanks!