Funny Video: Who Says the Grass Is Greener on The Other Side?

I came across this funny video which echoes a serious truth about travelling abroad to search for greener pastures. Today there are so many undocumented testimonies of the fact that its not as rosy as many think it is to live abroad. 

The Ghanaian dude in this video registers his displeasure more with something else other than survival in the white man's land. It may not be the best representation for grass not being all that green on the other side but it does get one thinking.

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CherryWine said...

Laugh don wound me o! Afronuts no go kill person. I can totally relate to this guy. I've always said they should give ALL Nigerians visa to come and 'enjoy' the fabled green pastures. More than 80% of them will run back. The hustle is real out here o! Poor guy. I feel him die. E no easy.

Afronuts said...! Too sad many who go abroad never come back to tell the truth. This guy even tells you the truth before he came back!