Valentine Special: Who Sabi Kiss Pass? [Photos]

 Readers, readers on the wall...who sabi kiss pass of them all?

A kiss between two people is a unique experience that can mark the begining of tingling things that are either legitimate or illegal. Its beautiful to look at but Africans have a way of making a kiss look ridiculous...maybe its because it was never part of our culture.

So for this Valentine day...let's check out these lovebirds and find out who is the most ridiculous of them all. I wish I had their personal contacts so I can mail the winner as decided by!

So once again I ask...

 Readers, readers on the wall...who sabi kiss pass of them all?

This brother's powerfully in-drawn cheeks must have come
from years of orange-sucking practice

This guy's mouth must have too wide to stay horizontal for a kissing moment.

She must have forgotten that her mouth
is attached to a lip and not a piece of 'ponmo'

Sleeping on kissing duty?

You're supposed to kiss her lips, not eat it!

He sucks at her mouth with so much passion,
 its enough to make a vampire envious

Desperado! You're suppose to kiss him, not consume him..ha

She must have wondered if she could survive the size of his mouth.
This illegal things some people do when Father-in-Isreal is not looking!
She's not kissing wholeheartedly because his mouth stinks of 'paraga'

The future of this kiss is very clear - an upcoming break up.

Elderly folk....licking face in respect.

His lips must feel like sandpaper so she went for his tongue instead.

Its obvious who's in control of the relationship
...with a vice grip on the neck like that

Somebody's warped idea of being romantic...

The nature of this kiss is bound to result in baby number three
...I can bet my salary on it!

Being assaulted by massive lips is not a pleasant experience
as the look on her face out-rightly says

You're supposed to kiss her dude...not give her CPR!

So which is the Kissiest of them all?

Share your own!

Have a nice Valenines Day

5 Screamer(s):

Okeoghene said...

Hilarious. I totally enjoyed your captions. Most of the kisses are captured at wrong angles so none is the kissiest of them all

A-9ja-Great said...

Hahahahaha Nice one man.The kisses and titles are very hilarious.

Afronuts said... I no know which angle dem they take snap kiss sha.

@A-9ja-Great....thanks bro! Even me sef dey re-laugh on re-reading it.

CherryWine said...

Ah! This Afronuts is an alakoba. You should always put warnings on your posts: not suitable for office space viewing. I was basically on hyena mode throughout. Nice one.

Afronuts said...

@Cherrywine....lolz this post require warning now? Is it that dirty?