Flashback Fridays: Loving Things Jeje with Seyi Sodimu

Out of nowhere, back in 1998, this dude came serenading our heads with a fresh kind of music that redefined Naija contemporary music and cut across listeners of young and old. His hit track 'Love me Jeje' topped the charts in Nigeria for over six months and also earned him several nominations and musical awards. Even the title of the track became a trending lingo for a while.
While growing up in Nigeria, he was influenced by various genres of music-highlife, juju and afro beat. This indigenous music is the basis of Seyi’s style of music. After his high school education, where he majored in the arts, He travelled to America (Washington DC) for his University education. This was where he began his musical pursuits. Seyi’s style of music takes the traditional African rhythms of highlife, juju and afro-beat.
Seyi sings smoothly in English and Yoruba (his native African language) and sometimes accenting his music with Yoruba chants. He writes all his songs. His style of writing celebrates life, love and the truth, as well as the spirituality of a higher existence. His music acknowledges the trails of everyday people in today’s society and the struggles of oppressed people, but never animated in hate or revenge. His music also tells a story, and inspires people. --- source
Seyi's style was so unique that anywhere you heard his songs without knowing who was singing, his style would just give him away.

This popular song along with its video captured the hearts of Nigerians way back then; it was a clean and matured song with a video that added class to it for its time back then. One of the popular catch phrases that came from the song was that moment where the girl said 'Eh kilowi?' which in English means 'Say what?'. I don't know what it was about that word that made it so memorable; maybe its the way it resonated in the lady's sweet voice. I heard the lady who sang the vocals is his cousin. I can't truly verify that though...

Where was I during this period? Ha...I was an 3rd year student in the university...wow time has passed.

Anybody remember this guy back in the days? 

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