Products With Stupid Names [Photos]

Just discovered that I had this series saved up somewhere and decided to load them before I accidentally delete them one day. Its amazing how cultures differ and how things that have different hilarious or weird meanings in one culture means something innocently normal in another. 

Imagine having to travel to some foreign country and coming across these weirdly named just wouldn't be funny at all! You may have come across some of these photos and then you may have not. Whatever the case let's just laugh at them all again, shall we?

Lol...I bet anybody consuming this product in Naija
could get arrested for eating a gay snack

You don't feel dirty seeing the name until you pronounce it!

How can I purchase a snack with a name like this
without feeling like I'm committing sexual harrassment?

This is like eating shit with swag...that's the impression I got with that name

A drink for early man? Or a drink for erections?

This is a violation of women rights!

Why does a flavour drink have in common with a shit stain?

Yeah...pray that your teeth gets clean....don't just brush it.

Apart from the fact that this drink reminds me of condoms,
it also reminds me of an Asian disease

A drink lwith a name ike this makes me scared to check out
what the ingredients are made of.

These chinko products the heck am I suppose to look
at this product and still be encouraged to eat it?

How can I eat this snack without thinking I'm munching on somebody's dad's testicles?

This must be the most perverted product for infants.
1st error - the name says 'Booty'
2nd error - its the pic of a twerking infant

They are now selling dismembered penises with chicken pox in sponge pudding
....that's what I thought when I saw this product.

Is this meant to be drank or used to take a bath?
Either way is just gross!

Does it say  '4 Pork Faggots' or 'Pork 4 Faggots'?
Either way it still has that disturbing word - 'Faggots' we're drinking hot pee...or is it we can have a hot drink at urinals?

Did I mention the weird thought of snacking on testicles earlier?

Thank God the picture of a fowl appears in front
or people would have thought it was the other 'cock'
that was used to flavour it!

Is anybody aware that 'golden shower' is also a knickname for 'piss'?
Now add 'fountain' to it and it becomes more disturbing

Whenever did burnt stuff become a flavour? there are toothpastes that suffer racial discrimination?

When will these chinkos learn proper English and stop pervcrting simple grammar...

The fruit drink for every ideal terrorist....Even Boko Haram would love this drink

Ahn ahn....either somebody has a crazy sense of humour or someone just lacked creativity.

*Tries hard to figure the rationale behind the name...has nagging headache*

Is this a toothpaste for Caucasians...or just one badly named product?

How am I supposed to eat this without thinking I'm munching
on a sanitary pad that nears the same name?

Now I got this off my chest...i can relax!

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