Cheater's Choice

Packaged breasts
Showcased skins
Endless legs
Merciless minis
Questioning butts
Answering thighs
Now showing for viewing pleasure
Ruining the essence of decency
Awakening urges from complacency
Endangering the purity of innocence
Conjuring waves of erotic presence
Still, responsibility is to be
The choice made by the temptee
Some see but don’t look
And thus remain safe by the book
Some look because they saw
And thus broke purity’s code and law
Ventured on a skirted quest

Ravaged breasts
Caressed skins
Tired legs
Discarded minis
Querying butts
Suffered thighs
Enraptured lust of damning interest
Explored valleys of wet sin
Scaled mountains of hard peaks
Sailing seas of forbidden ecstasy
Awoken to the moment of truth
Wallow in throes of a throbbing conscience
Been where you shouldn’t
Done what you shouldn’t
Temptation’s victory
Your shameful defeat
Infidelity claws depths of the flesh
Spirited in filth that’ll never wash
Only by redemption
Graced by salvation
For the moment
While sinfully incumbent
Stew in transgression
With self loathing aggression
All because…
Just because…
The choice to look what you saw
The choice to break the coded law

 ©Afronuts 8/7/2013

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Toinlicious said...

I really like this. lol@Querying butts