Flashback Fridays: Remember the time...

There was a time when some things trended and were popular; stuff that today have become old school. Some have remained and evolved into something better or improved while others just disappeared and never existed again. Its amazing how much of a big deal some of them were back in the days.... 

Remember this brand of Nigerian made shoes? The 'Bata' brand
was popular back in the late 70s into the 80s.. The Cortina series
played a major role in the life of children of those days.
Who remembers wearing a 'Bata Cortina'?

Blue Band margarine has been a part of many children's life back then.
Every kid ate this margarine with bread. It used to be in a tin container that
was subject to rust if exposed to natures elements.
Today blue band comes in plastic containers.
Anyone remember this?

There was a time when this chewing gum called 'Bazooka' was the chewing gum
other gums wanted to be. It was unique for having a comic strip with a flagship
character called 'Bazooka Joe' always attached to it. So apart from the eagerness of
youngsters to work their gums on it, there's also the eagerness to read its small
comic strips. The Bazooka in this pic has Joe as a white kid;
a black kid version was made for Naija market. Who remembers this?

The day the remote control debuted in the world of electronics,
it was a big deal and it was a serious selling point in the Naija market.
Adebowale Electrical industries back then was one of the ultimate and
popular distributors of electronic products. This old press Ad from
the late 70s shows the debut of the remote back then.
I was going to add more but I'm under pressure at work right now (which is why posts on TKC has been scanty these past few days). Please bear with moi. Once I get some clearing, I'll storm these pages with more posts. I should be putting up a 5th installment of Yoruba nollywood gbagauns on monday anyways.

Have an awesome weekend!

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