Photo of The Day: The 'Nyansh' That Drugs Built [Viewer discretion is advised]

If you watch music videos you've seen 'em. If you know Nicki Minaj has curves, you know 'em, if you've wondered how on earth they come to look like that, you've been thought provoked by them. They are the fake assets constructed to mesmerize and taunt; they are not God given but man-made.

They are the 'Nyanshes' that drugs built - artificial bumbums, baroof bakassi, synthetic buttocks....Many amongst men have been decieved by them but one thing I know is that 'if it is not panadol, it is not the same thing as panadol!'  What happens when the nyansh that drugs are building goes wrong? the answer is the photo below.

May it not be the portion of any woman oh! Please stay close to your natural body. There will always be somebody who is crazy about it. Not all that glitters is gold and not all that is inflated by injections remain naturally firm. The picture above is that of a butt injection gone wrong.

Have a nice day!

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