The Gbagauns of Yoruba Nollywood 5 [Photos]

We are back again with another post of the 'gbagauns' captured from Yoruba Nollywood.
By now there's just no need to define what 'gbagaun' means. I just hope it does cease to be a term for the hilarious scattering of the English language and thus render these series obsolete. Nowadays things trend and die out faster than a microwave cooks Indomie noodles. So let's see what we have for today...

Subtitles that just screw up your imagination in twisted insane knots...'sower' ke?

So one can get married to I missing something?

No gbagaun here actually...its just the funny statement that got me cracking

The subtitles abi na end credits here are suffering mutiple grammartosis. Haba!

LOL! I just couldn't resist putting this one up. No gbagaun here but...hahaha!

I'm confused oh! I must have missed out some verbs in high school
...abi what does 'to diseve' mean? And what the pangolo is 'veginnity'?

No she is not jealoused, she is actually 'gbagauned' by your statement.

Hian! I just developed cross-eyes reading this.

This one 'deserver' no comment.

If God catch you....ehn. The person wey script this flick get liver oh

Its official! AIDS now hides in women's buttocks...yoruba movies sha! LOL!

But the grammar wey your subtitle speak scare me sha...

The gbagaun even makes the threat scarier!

So people's backgrounds can be far away...WTH does that mean?

*Searches the world map for a country called 'Abroad'*
Nope!...I didn't see any...

Let's all be 'kinding' when we translate this south western Nigerian
mother tongue to oyinbo language oh!

Even the idea behind the grammatical blunder no make sense!

I'm sorry but that lion go miss road enter gutter...heu! see yarn oh!

The last five 'gbagaun' shots were actually from the same movie titled Ewa Ibale! One whole movie dedicated to grammatical genocide! People if you ever come across movies like this with a barage of bad english bombardment, holla at me so I can fish out the diction debris! It was a serious movie but I was just laughing at the way English got butchered to smithereens on screen,

Have you seen any Naija yoruba flick with crappy subtitles? Gimme their names, let me go pick out the

Have a nice week ahead!

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LMAO! This is hilarious. Loooool I think I understand the idea behind the "faraway slave background" but I can't stop laughing. Thank you for kinding over me and making me laugh.