Signs of The Times 11 [Photos]

By now, anyone who follows my series on 'Signs of the Times' will understand that this is a gallery showcase of funny signboards, inscriptions, placards, labels, names and any design be it in print or digital that's just either accidentally or deliberately outrageous and funny. Sometimes, its not the inscription that's funny but the place where its written on. Majority of this collection is from Nigeria. Others would come from other African nations. I usually don't feature those from the western world but in some cases I make exceptions. 

This is the 11th installment in the series. Check them out and please drop your own comment! 

This is a police station? What do they arrest and detain here?
Goats and chickens or humans?
No matter how much sell 'oyinbo' groceries to Nigerians,
they will demand to eat their awesome bush menu.
Yes...our bush menu is awesome, oyinbo can never have 'iru' (locust beans)

Men have suffered oh! As if fake nails, hair, eyelashes, skin color etc is
not enough, there is now physically enhanced fake virginity?

They probably meant 'Humus'...costly error. Imagine having a fag for breakfast...eeww

I'd give a thousand bucks to know what's going on in her mind.

You can add sophistication to native naija, but you can't take the bush out of them.
Na Oshoms get Shoprite? Haba!

A blackberry perfume with versace design pattern....
wow, this was definitely designed to sell to stupid people

See how they reduced a whole international designer
into a sweet ontop okrika boxers

The painter must have had too much paraga the night he painted those words

This is either the most embarrassing or humiliating way  to apologize

Abge, which kain political apppointment be this?

Anything wey dey trend must enter entertainment...even if na bad news

Which kind of mindset would make people this gullible?

By their placards you shall know their digital exposure.
Atiku and Tinubu think the hashtag is the naira note symbol

If only this miracle could happen to my comatose blackberry...

I keep wondering...was her name for real or
was she playing a joke on the officials?

This is proof that idiots exist among us...

Wow...the two football clubs have a bread franchise in Naija?
Abi someone dey fool us?

Your typical Naija warning sign accompanied by a curse.

I'd love to know which school this was for....

I hope it wasn't a yoruba movie subtitler that wrote this...

Eh? What is 'Cheaps'? Some revolutional local menu?
Or did they 'chips'?

I don't know what to say about this but it just cracked me up
that I had to put it here! Insane Beyonce fan.

And that's all for now folks. which one cracked up up the most?

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Profition for School

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which one didnt?