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Its amazing how one can own an indispensable gadget such as a mobile phone and not know half of what it can really do. My guest writer; Sage Harman, gives us the lowdown on the much more you can do with your phones. I went through his list and I was like 'Darn! For reals?' How much are you familiar with the intelligence of your mobile phone? Let's hear what Sage Harman has to say.... 

Mobile phones have come a long way over the years - from big, bulky monstrosities to ultrachic and sleek smartphones we carry these days, offering quite the same functions as computers. They have become a crucial part of our everyday life too, capable of making calls, sending emails, playing music and games, taking videos and photos and surfing the Web. But did you know that most smartphones can do so much more? Yes, here's a few other practical features and apps you may not know about.

Measuring Tool - you can use your smartphone for various measurements like distance, height, area and width.

Tracker - you can locate not only people, but even your lost or stolen phone using your smartphone's GPS tracking apps.

Webcam - you can video chat using your smartphone.

Health Monitor - you can become more health conscious by monitoring your diet and exercise using your phone. You can also use it to track your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Wireless Router - share your data access with your friends by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot.

GPS Unit - with the right apps, your smartphone can be a decent GPS device you can use online and offline.

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Universal Remote Control - you can program your smartphone to control various home appliances.

eReader - you can turn your smartphone into an excellent reading device by installing eBooks and eBook apps.

Scanner - you can make your phone a barcode or QR code scanner with the help of various apps.

Television - you can live stream your favorite TV shows on your phone.

Digital Cookbook - you can turn your phone into a portable, virtual cookbook by saving recipes and cooking apps.

Digital Wallet - you can store your credit card and banking information on your smartphone so you can shop credit card and cash-free.

Do you know of any other cool uses for your smartphone, don't forget to comment and share! In the market for a new smartphone? Compare plans and get free information at http://www.no-contract-plans.com.

A frugal living enthusiast, wife and mother, Sage Harman runs http://www.no-contract-plans.com, a site dedicated to providing free information to consumers trying to find viable no-contract phone and internet plans.

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