Know the True Role Models by Their Tweets

I’ve always felt that looking for Celebrities that are true role models can be like looking for a needle in a Haystack. It’s not because they are rare, but rather because many bad role models are also masquerading as good role models and many of us know that they are just PR moves to paint them in a good name.

So how can we go about sifting the real good role models from the fake ones? I’ve come to discover that one of such ways of finding out is via a particular social media. If you think I’m talking about Facebook then you’ve got it wrong. I’m talking about Twitter!

Twitter as many of us all know is the official ‘amebo’ or ‘Olofofo’ of personal lives and happenstances. The good thing is that it’s the users that expose themselves, not some online paparazzi. We have seen the Twit fights, the scandals, the instant reports coming from personal encounters or instant coverage.
If you really want to know the mindset or personality of any celebrity, visiting their Twitter page and checking out their timeline and convos with their followers or friends can tell you a lot about them (that is if you are good at psychoanalyzing). Also you need to be mindful of fake twitter accounts parading as celebrities.
I’m careful about who I follow on Twitter. There are just too many accounts that are just pointless to follow. I keep following and unfollowing people as I further discover their true nature according to Twitter.

Foremost Nigerian Comedian Ali Baba GCFR (he really deserves that title!), one of Nigeria’s pioneers of standup comedy is somebody I wholesomely follow on Twitter.  This is one of the very few celebrities that actually stand out as a good role model.

I was going through my tweets last week when I came across this tweet from someone that used to be his follower.

I scrolled through the dude’s tweets and saw what picture Ali Baba was referring to. It was this picture of a man performing oral sex on a woman.

Sorry, I had to censor the pic.

You can’t say you want to follow a responsible minded celebrity when you tweet porn photos without batting an eye.
While other celebrities may joke about it, be indifferent or retweet it like one other shameless comedian I’ve seen do it a number of times on twitter. Or like Cossy Orjiakor who seems to endorse ‘aristo-ism’ by retweeting a tweet that labeled her as Queen of the wayward girls. 

 Ali Baba chose to make a point about where his opinion stood on such things.  So if your mind is full of sh*t (excuse my French), don’t even expect a follow back from him.

Now that’s a celebrity worth following; a true role model.

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