The Proposal - Starring Vera & Seun

I've seen a lot of movies where you come to that scenario where the guy is about to propose when the lady least expects it. She's suddenly caught unawares and bursts into tears of joy as the man brings out the ring and she finally realizes what's going on.

Yes. That's what happens in the movies...but it also happens in real life.

Vera & Seun
Recently, a fellow blogger, Verastic, got engaged to the man of her dreams (I know he's the man of her dreams because of the way she blogs about him on her site) in a way that looks like a romantic movie scenario come to life on the 2nd of December. I'll give it up to Olu Adewunmi of Lynksdrivers, he did a good job of catching the whole show on video in such a way that it almost looked like a movie was unfolding. The music choice was so apt I could almost imagine it was Seun, Vera's fiance that was rapping with Vera doing the singing...oh, it was M.I.'s 'Whether na 1 Naira'. I must say, I didn't realize how good that song really was until I heard it in this video...the power of strong visuals shey.

Congratulations Vera on your engagement; it's not that easy finding someone who you can spend the rest of your life with but you did the right thing when you saw that this guy was one, you held onto him till he couldn't resist the urge to spend the rest of his life with you. Many women have met the right man but still passed them by, thank God yours was not the case.

I just went through the year timelines on my blog and realized that I've known Vera online for 5 years via her blog. She's managed to stay online when many other bloggers have given up on blogging and also maintained her periodic online radio show. I remember I once did a review on her blog before she moved it from blogger to Wordpress. Click here to view the review. She really did improve on the blog after the review.

Watching Vera's proposal video was interesting because it had a play on Vera's friends (she happens to have matured and descent folk around her) and I took time to do a commentary on some her friends from what they said or how they acted in the is beginning to look like a movie. Here goes...

This lady obviously loves Vera with a passion. She sounds like the type of friend who prays with you and for  you when you're going through trying times; a friend that's eager to see you settle down with the right man. You can see her excitement that Vera finally made the first step into matrimony.

This is another person that cares about Vera and is excited about them all being in the same club of people who have committed to one man for life. She is able to relate very well with what's going on because she was once single but now mingled. She sounds like one who has been a watchdog friend on Vera's status. Her man just smiles, sort of blushes and says nothing. Sweet couple.

This one is a no-nonsense lady. She made an emphatic statement that shows she's a woman that's very protective of her man - "Congrats! Now you have your own man, you need to stop texting mine." Hey, she's not wrong, in fact she sounds like my own wife!

She's happy for them and seems to be really close to the couple
 with the way she excitedly blows that kiss and says "Love you guys!" 

He's the well spoken analytical friend who analysed the event. He cuts the picture of someone who'd be a good speaker before a listening audience. He had so much to say but I guess there was limited time. He'd make a good spin doctor or a damage control specialist.

This is probably the most touching scene for me. This friend actually prays for the couple; she goes the spiritual route which I believe is what every couple needs - God's covering over their relationship. And from the way she delivers it, you can sense that she means it from the depth of her heart.

There were other commenters in the video but I picked these ones because they sort of stuck out for me and also because I don't want to end up making an extra long post. I think I've done enough justice.

You can catch the full story of the proposal in pictures here and here.

Congrats again Vera dear! I wish you both the very best!

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cee cee said...

Awww! I must say this is very good! N

Anonymous said...

Very lovely. i think she knew sha. where's the mighty ring she was wearing in 0.53 and 1.05? the ring magically disappeared from 2.01 for the engagement ring to show. the ring would've dulled beside it. my analysis ohhhhh, abeg make una no kee me oh.