Signs of The Times 3 [Photos]

There's comedy all around us. All we have to just do is keep our eyes open when driving on the streets and you just might see that which is bound to split your sides with laughter.
'Sign of the Times' had to become a series because these funny signboards or writings are just all over the place. I would even say if you intend to get a good laugh, just drive around the locality of any African neighborhood and you'll see stuff like this. Some are funny as a result of the crazy grammar or butchering of English while for others its just the idea behind what was written.

Check them out.

The evil that some girls definitely creating a reputation.

Just reading this signboard is enough
to make me catch one of the diseases!

lol...This reminds me of love letters back in high school
...but this grammar is so different. Definitely  not Nigerian.

Its amazing how people blame their stupidity on the Almighty.

Semen Communication? Are they selling recharge cards or donating sperm?

Even this notice itself needs massaging
- the grammar is too broken!

It's hard to find this kind of box in Naija.
Yeah...this picture was taken in another African country and not Naija.

What impression do I get when I see this kind of signboard?

This notice did not make a grammatical error
but it ended up saying the opposite of what it intended to say!

The farm owner was not only emphatically threatening,
he was also creative about it.

Football fans even extend to the remotest of villages.

Enough 'gbagauns' to rob you of your appetite.

I didn't know the Hilton range of Hotels had a village version.

Awesome bookstore! They also sell meat.

Even the truck looks like shit.

Were they high when they printed this banner?

I thought Levi's was a jeans design. Are they designing people's hair too?

              , I wonder how the Resume of the lucky person will read.

Once again, grammar wey fit murder your appetite

And that's all folks!
If you've got any ridiculous photos, feel free to mail them to me. I'll credit you for it.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Luciano said...

I'm laughing so hard right now
Dear God!!!! have mercy

Real8 said...

Lol where do u get all these pics from and I can se they are affecting your grammar too. Check out your caption under the 'lettering' advert. Lol.

simply mee said...

*holdingmysides*...laff don would me oooo.....ahahahahahahahaha

Sykik said...

Bros, where do you get these pictures from. I want to visit "Test & See Fast Food" for Joyroof rice.lmao

Afronuts said...

@Luciano...take am easy don correct am oh!

@Simply're also affected by the grammar - 'wound' or 'would'?

@Sykik...They are everywhere...just look around ur neighbourhood!

Myne Whitman said...

I was laughing at the signs and then your commentary almost had me spitting out my food, LWKMD!