Signs of the Times 4 [Photos]

I have been wondering what post I'd like to end this year with. It wouldn't be a bad idea to end the year with laughter so I decided to do another list of 'Signs of the Times'. I have a lot of other hilarious photo lists I would have done but I had to do the ini mini miny mo thing to choose and this list won. Like I always say, everywhere around us, there's something waiting to make us laugh, be it a badly constructed grammar, a ridiculous idea or a weird scenario.

Big thanks to Omolola Odoyi who sent in some of the pictures.

Writings like these appear most time on houses that someone
had attempted to sell illegally without owner's approval.
Imagine this village hut in that situation.

I guess the shit is not for sale too...since this looks like a ghetto bath and pit latrine.

Is the food here as cheap as the name suggests?

Wow...Harvard has a satellite campus in Naija...abi na high school?

This weird name...sounds like a quickie

The desperation to sell Suya is so evident in this signboard...
I hope they aren't trying pass off dog meat for cow meat.

Is Agbani Darego aware of this?

Assaulted meat? Can this be considered a violation of  animal rights?

Naija people...they even drop curses on signboards.

Too much corruption in the Nigerian police force is affecting their grammar.

I never knew Sony products were capable of having erections...

Enh...hell hath no fury than a wife scorned oh!

Now that's just plain heartless...haba!

I'm not a football fan yet I know these football teams
have just suffered defamation of character on this board!

This should make Wizkid proud...or embarrassed.

I'm confused. Is that really what they do at a dental clinic? 

Please translate this to proper English if you dare.

Seriously...I actually thought it was a barbing salon!

 Nowadays some churches get so overly creative in the kinds of posters they put up for programs. They do end up being the cost of splitting your sides with laughter.

E be like say 'koboko' is trending.

Talk about stating the obvious...that you aint a 419...yeah right!

Never heard of it. Is it a prehistoric animal?

*Eyes nearly popping out of sockets*
Na which school this come from?

Davido will be proud when he see this...or embarrassed.

Can you spot what's so funny about this banner?

We go wait tire!

Designer impostor!

Hmm...I thought I knew the name of this car but this pix seems to prove me wrong.

Have an awesome cross over y'all!
See you in the New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Just rolling over with laughter into the next year.....oh my! just breathless! yes,,,,ASS of Nigeria, and a cow ass was showing! and ANOINTING! for cow again??

happy new year oo!

'Lara said...

Happy new year.

The ram lovers ass. Just got me cracking as all the pictures have turned me to a laughing gas.

Wonny Arthur said...

hahaha...i can't stop laughing! Very hilarious collection. All my buddies have to see this.

Debby 'Baro said...

Eh! This is a comic session no doubt. Thanks and hope to see more of them.

I am still laughing, what is this. LOL

Anonymous said...

If you think you would wound me with laughter, you have lied!!
This is nice and the collection just too gbaski! Kai... Nice one jor. Next time make me laugh like this at this time and you would see! Choi!

PS: You don't answer your replies here, abi? Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh some at this. Let me catch you making me go all weird at this time...
Really nice collection and your commentary did some small magic... Jare, cut you cap!

Afronuts said...

@Sueddie...I do answer replies. Deliberately left this one like that.