Spitting Bars That Make Sense: Jared's 'Fall For You'

The first time I heard Jared's single, 'Fall for you'. it was on Music Africa, a music show that aired on Silverbird Television. It wasn't the video that caught my attention at first - it was the music. It sounded different from all the nasty monotonous autotuned music that pervades Naija's airwaves today. In fact I ended up tweeting about it immediately; it was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the cacophony and chaos of pointless and meaningless tunes churned out by the juvenile infested music industry. Jared saw the tweet and responded.

Mukky, one of my subordinates and an upcoming rap artiste also noted Jared's music playing on TV and said it was a departure which had this lovely flavour that's reminiscent of old school rap. I agreed with him; as a matter of fact, it reminded me of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff's hit 'Summer Time' back in the 90's.

A number of things aroused my interest about this track.

The first thing I noted was the fact that the lyrics were straightforward and bore no mischieviously hidden dirty lines. The song talked about old flames and the relationship between two ex-lovers, how it all changed as their different lives underwent changes. I had to take time to listen to the song and pen down the lyrics as best as I could.

*Please note that the lines I wasn't very sure of are in italics.

Fall For You  - by Jared

Its been a while since we last met
I'm doing things you can't imagine
in the city when the wind blows
I'm chasing all my passions
who's asleep by the window
my mind is everlasting
there was a time when I felt low
then they're directing your action
now my life is the limelight
everywhere i go, I shine bright
Every tune I make seems to feel right
and you gotta love the night life
so things aint all bad
I shoulda known my love with you couldn't last
So I left my people with your class
Here's a toast to lovers past

I can't fall for you, Baby (x2)
Set a phase and on and moving on
I could fall for you, Baby

I think back to the many days
in the back seat listening to Sade
Still jammed on replay
and then things changed when I went away
Sometimes I wondered if I ever loved you
Would you still deal with all my mess
Double down on any bet
Out of all the girls, you are the best
But its time i think we move on
New track, new hook with a new song
Every day has a new dawn
Let the sun shine on my new home
I can't lie, still think back
All the times that we had can't forget that
But things will never be the same
You'll already know things changed

I can't fall for you, Baby (x2)
Set a phase and on and moving on
I could fall for you, Baby

Bridge Rap
You gotta live through the day right
You know we gotta find our own way right
listen to the words that I sing
Its time that we do our own thing

And we both moving on right
I don't wanna do you wrong right
listen to the words that I sing
Its time that we do our own thing

Bridge Song
Its been fun but its time that I move on
we agree we both know this aint what we need
But I wish more success in your life
Gotta move on, move on

I can't fall for you, Baby (x2)
Set a phase and on and moving on
I could fall for you, Baby

The song explored optimism in the midst of relationship break ups and the need to get ahead with life irrespective of the ones that don't work. Though the focus was on Jared's experience as narrated in the song, it leaves lessons for us to latch on to; like the fact that people change, conditions are never permanent and that people who are nobodies of today can become the somebodies of tomorrow. The chorus sung by an unnamed lady was soothing to listen to along with the mild ear-friendly instrumentation. And I'd like to note that there was no auto-tuning in this song.

The video is equally simplistic in execution  One notable thing I can say about the video was that the females featured in it were very decent and not your regular scandalous video vixens shaking drug-enhanced butts and breasts all over the screen. This video had what I'll call 'Healthy Visual Esteem'; it didn't need video vixens to make it look good and that could also be as a result of the fact that its just showing reality, thus we see Jared in real life circumstances, the characters are real life and not cosmetic, footages depict moments in Jared's day captured on camera; some real, some dramatized. We also see a lot of Jared's face without sunshades meaning the shades are not a necessity(Almost every Naija artiste sports shades in their videos all through). At one point we even see him in recommended glasses.

On checking out his bio from his website, this part caught my attention:

'He (Jared) grew up surrounded by traditional, strong Southern family values, and a love and natural talent for writing poetry, that led to his first rap recording years ago. At present, his lyrics focus on relatable topics such as women and working hard, which is essential for achieving his music career goals.'

That explains where his depth came from. While checking out his lyrics, I noticed that he must have had some influence from Sade Adu apart from the others mentioned on his site. Its no surprise that he came up with a track like this. Only influence from a great singer can help inspire a good song.

I only hope and pray Jared would stick to this style of laid back simple, clean and straightforward rap that spits knowledge and insights instead of the nonsense a lot of so-called rap artistes spit on the airwaves today. At a time when his age mates are joining the throng to sing filthy lyrics, he has managed to stand aside as a rapper with a clean difference on this track.

Thumbs up to you, Jared!

Jared's website: www.iamjared.com
Jared's Twitter handle: @IAmJaredMusic

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