Timi and A.Y - The Rally Incident

It's been a while I did the Photo tales series on Timi and A.Y. I just got the inspiration after being reminded by their antics last Saturday. I also had not been able to do these photo tales because I no longer had a Digital Camera. But ever since I got a new phone with a good camera, it's been really easier.
If you've never seen these photo tales, you can check them out here and here.

I hope to bring more if Timi and A.Y. cook up more series for me. You can click the pictures to enlarge,

Thanks for reading!

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Eya said...

Interesting and entertaining!

Anonymous said...

So cute...

sykik said...

lol, very funny the "stop hitting on my babysitter" line is right on point.

hugs from me to Timi and A.Y.