A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

There's this back gate and route that I pass when coming into the estate where I live. From a certain distance, the particular view pictured above greets your eyes. Notice anything odd in the picture?

The green house in the distance.

It's sort of tilted; leaning to the right as if its about to fall.

For anybody coming to this location for the first time, you'd think it's a defect that just recently happened but that's not the case.

That's how the house was built!

I knew when the house was in its early stages of construction. It had always been leaning to one side and was abandoned for a while for a long time. Construction work suddenly began on it a couple of years back and the house finally took shape.

Next, a 'To-Let' banner with phone number was put out and I guess agents in the area were informed. Before the year was out, people had fully moved into the building and were living there. At some point cracks appeared in places in the building but they were all patched up hurriedly.

I'm still baffled how people could feel safe in such an awkwardly standing structure. The building just looks downright dangerous and unsafe. Yet people still moved in, paid rent and have been living there for more than a year now.

Each time I pass by the house, my heart beats and I pray that nature does not have its brutal way with the structure in my presence. The thought of people getting trapped or perishing in a collapsed  building is not something I never want to think about.

I keep wondering what Housing and Environment agencies are doing. They are always ready to mark any house that hasn't settled them in red paint but are they really blacklisting structures like this?

If this is a disaster waiting to happen, I sure as hell don't want to be around - maybe I should have moved out of the neighborhood 

The building just freaks me out.

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Anonymous said...

If it happens now, they would blame the devil and shouts of eyaaaaa, will be heard. If you talk or report, they will call the pepsin bad belle!

Sykik said...

please alert the relevant authorities oh...at least the local council of your area.

Debby 'Baro said...

I hope concerned authorities would act now, because 'a stich in time saves nine'! I hope too, that people will not out of desperation accept to pay for such a property to live in.

Toinlicious said...

It truly looks scary

Ginger said...

Are you sure its not a topographical error?

Anyway the leaning tower of Pisa still stand gidigba.
Naija Green house might become a historical attraction in 40yrs time. Think positive...lol

Afronuts said...

@simply...Na so e dey happen oh!

@Sykik...council wey dem don bribe...

@Debby Baro...lol like I said, money don grease hands

@Toinlicious...very when you're there.

@Ginger....this one no be leaning tower of Pisa oh. Its building with numbered days