Super Keshi, Super Eagles!

I just love it when someone who has been unnecessarily criticized, castigated and labeled as arrogant simply for believing in his own competence gets the last laugh. Its amazing how people suddenly chew their words and suddenly embraced the person they once crucified once the glory becomes his.

Coach Stephen Keshi  and team captain Joseph Yobo
at press briefing after the match.

Stephen Keshi, the Nigerian Coach who led our Super Eagles to winning the African Cup of Nations yesterday had gone through so much as people rubbished his competency and strategies of the game. But I admire the man for his doggedness and refusal to be influenced by anybody. Football in Nigeria has really been a mess as politics has crept into it and factions here and there are trying to make things work their own way for selfish reasons. People did not believe in Keshi and his boys at the beginning  

Even right from the very first game where the performance was not impressive, many had started 'disowning' the team and telling them to pack their bags and get ready to be coming home. 
People called the Super Eagles names; 'Super Chickens' and 'Super Pigeons'.
After yesterday's final where we won the cup, people started mouthing their support for the eagles; some started screaming that FC Barcelona should bring their team to come and contend with the Super Eagles!

Not only have the Super Eagles Team won the AFCON cup after 19 years but they have equally set some records. Stephen Keshi has set a record as a player who once lifted the cup years back and is now lifting the cup as a coach to a winning team. Also, he sets the record as the first black coach to lead a team to winning AFCON. 

Again, this team was quite an unusual one because it consisted of a number of indigenous players, one of them being Sunday Mba who scored the winning goal of yesterday's match. Also everybody assisting the coach were Nigerian, no foreign input was included. 


The same Keshi that was ridiculed and bad mouthed, is now flying high with his boys; all over the place people are singing his praises and raising him in esteem; even on screen, the fans waved his name in the air. All across Nigeria, he's been seen as a hero.

Sunday Mba
Even Sunday Mba was also ridiculed and believed to be a player who had nothing to offer. But his heroic feat at the final is enough to change his status from indigenous to international player. He had on another ocassion almost scored another goal which was deflected by the Burkinabes.

I listened with chuckles to this early morning's radio broadcast on different stations as humbled commentators and on-air personalities who had lambasted Keshi ate their words, swallowed their commentary arrogance and congratulated him. Nigerians sha!

There's been a heavy debate that Burkina Faso star player Bance
may be related to Yoruba actor Mr.

There are lessons to be learned from what Stephen Keshi and his boys have been through.
  • Never listen to people, only listen to your own heart.
  • When the going gets tough and all is looking lost, keep going because its not over yet.
  • Anytime people bad-mouth you over your hard work, just ignore them and take it that they are ignorant.
  • Treat your team like family and keep up their morale when the world outside is deflating it (I got to know that Keshi knew how to always  sweet-talk his boys before every match).
  • Nothing is impossible, even when you stick to your guts and ignore your detractors.

Goal Keeper Enyeama, out of joy of winning attempts to carry the referee
and ends up just ramming his head in the man's

The Burkina Faso team with their assortment of 'blonde-haired' dudes gave Keshi and his boys a tough time. I made note of their love for dyeing their hair and beards blonde on twitter and asked the question why and was told that it was 'Babalawo behaviour' (Thanks to Coy-Introvert for that!). I later got to understand that Burkinabes sabi 'jazz' well well.

Our Report sheet

Well, if they applied jazz, we applied God, chikena!

And so to end this I'll say; 'To God Be The Glory' 

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sykik said...

Congrats to super eagles. I knew there was something off about those burkinabes.....I was so sure they were jazzed up when Victor Moses kept tripping with the was as if he couldn't find the post.

Anyways, we won and they happy, Nigerians are happy, nobody remembers what tribe or clan, agbole abi state they are from. We are all one happy family.